Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Rainy Sunday

I can't believe its been raining all day. This is Utah...snow already! I really do enjoy the whiteness around Christmas time. I get sick of it come, oh, January first, but I do like a fluffy holiday. With that said this warmer winter is making it easier to get around with a baby. Not as many layers and such needed for outings.

We have been, as of late, again pondering the fate of our border collie Indi. I actually listed her on KSL classifieds a few days ago and have gotten a few calls. She is just getting so anxious in the house and its a daily battle for me to keep her a) happy and b) from driving me crazy. She's just so HYPER. So if anyone has any good (cheap) suggestions on how to keep a sheep dog entertained during the winter or knows of anyone who could giver her a very good home, let me know.

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