Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Hell

Errands at any time of the year can be arduous with a walking one year old. But around the holidays they can be down right brutal. Today we had two stops on the list; the Post Office and Walgreens. The Post Office was surprisingly calm. Eli enjoyed his time running around, dropping things in the trash cans and trying to run out of the automatic doors. But is was ok.

Things at Walgreens got ugly. I had to get a few stocking-stuffers for Dan...that was it on my list. We spent 30 minutes in the store. Eli had to run up and down every isle and grab a random item, discarding the previous on the floor and taking off in another direction. Why didn't you just pick him up? You ask. He will not tolerate it. Not a bit. This small human has got to be moving at all times. In the end we made our $5 worth of purchases, apologized for the many messes, and made our way out the door.