Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas: A Recap

That whole "one post a day" thing kinda fell apart over Christmas. I didn't actually get on my laptop for 5 days...it was a little overwhelming to long on and have 25 emails and 40 unread items in my Google reader account. But I pressed on and now all is back to zero.

The Christmas holiday has changed so much for me since I was a kid. It used to be, as I'm sure is the case for most people, a day to anticipate the receipt of gifts and surprises from Santa. Now I honestly get much more exited to give away the presents I've bought for other people. That's not to say I've become Saint Roby the Benevolent. Its just to say that I enjoy so much more shopping and wrapping and giving. I got Dan and XBox for Christmas this year and could barely stand the anticipation of seeing him unwrap it. Eli was pretty nonchalant about the whole present thing. I think in years to come he'll get a little more excitement out of it.

Christmas also has changed in another significant way since I was a kid. In my days of youth I would spend all Christmas day assembling the legos I had received, or playing with the Lincoln Logs (that was one of my favorite years) or dressing up Barbies. Now I spend a good portion of the day stealing the toys my nieces and nephews got and playing with them. Have you guys seen those Nanobot Bugs? Coolest thing ever. Totally buying them for myself...I mean Eli, as soon as I can find some.

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