Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho Ho Heaven!

A much better day today! Eli was in better spirits, errands took much less time, and Dan stole baby away to a work party leaving me free to go out to dinner with a friend without screaming and throwing.

Eli and I ventured to the mall today to see about getting his picture taken with Santa. I thought it would be a little pricey, but I was planning on $8 or something. We got in line and then I saw the pricing sign and almost choked on my gun. I mean gum. Dumb typos. Anyway...for the cheapest package (4 prints and a cd) it was $16! That was the starting point-the prices went up from there and didn't stop until they hit the 40s. In my day you could just get a picture of your kid (in my day I was that kid) for 5 bucks. One photo. No packages and ghastly prices. Sheesh. So we walked passed the life-size Santa display at Tai Pan. That'll hold until Eli's old enough to know who Santa really is.

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