Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: It Was A Very Good Year

Dan loves year in review lists. So here's one from this year. I present: The Garfield Family Top Ten Moments/Events in no particular order.

1. A great Thanksgiving with Dan's family and mine. We were able to do both this year and it was a good time.

2. Eli learns to walk at 10 months. Nothing has been quite the same since. As I survey my house at present I can see the contents of all the drawers in my kitchen dumped on the ground. Ah well.

3. Going to Telluride with my family. This trip was an epic adventure in the woods. ATVs, deer, fires, and fun are the words that sum it all up.

4.Making copious amounts of jam. I am not very good at crafty things. I fail at pretty much every domestic project I take on. But I can make jam and this year I made it in mass quantities. I did apricot, raspberry, blackberry, plum, strawberry and peach. What fun!

5. Speaking at Ignite. This was fun. And stressful. And oddly therapeutic. So pretty much it was like watching an episode of 24. (Ps, here's a link to the vid

6. Moving. After 3 years in our little house in Provo we made a move to Orem. And while its not quite as far from Ptown as I would have liked, I do love the new house and amount of space we have. Its great to have a spare bedroom to put our junk in.

7. Dan goes sailing in Colorado. We went out to visit my brother in May. Dan was able to reunite with his love of sailing on a little lake at their country club. It was most amusing to watch him from the shore. So euphoric. So fun.

8. Eli says his first word. And it was "Indi". That's pretty much all he's said. I've been working on "mama" and "dada" but to no avail. Its still just "Indi". Which is sad really, seeing as that dog's days in our home are most likely numbered.

9. Visiting Brad and Crystal in Cali. We ventured south and had a lovely visit in August. Dan was able to surf, I was able to lounge. It was wonderful.

10. Dan's massive robot birthday. It was a lot of fun. Good times were had by all, except maybe the pinata who took quite a beating. Poor robot.

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  1. so.. i'm loving stalking your blog at 11>30 at night. i am learning so much stuff about you i didn't know! i watched you speech on youtube from "ignite." Well done! You sounded so intellectual-like. Just remember the lowly niece when your big shot comes!