Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Indi Dog: The Time Has Come

Sad sad day. Very sad indeed. The following is a plea for help.

We've had our border collie Indi for 3 years now. When we first got her, she was hyper and undisciplined. We worked with her for hours to teach her commands, how to sit and stay, and how to catch a frisbee. She's made leaps and bounds from where she once was. We've had her in training classes, socialization classes, and have worked with her on our own to help her harness her energy and learn to behave.

Before we had Eli I would run with Indi every day. She did pretty well in the house but was never good with company. She jumps, licks, nips. Whenever anyone comes over now we just have to put her away.

Since baby birth things have gone from tolerable to absolutely unbearable. She's become completely out of control. She wines constantly, chases Eli around wherever he goes, nips, growls, and is generally agitated all the time. I try to give her exercise, but there isn't much I can do in the winter.

She's been progressively more aggressive over the last few weeks and yesterday we had something happen that tipped the scales for me. Eli was in a corner of the living room (out of my line of site) and Indi came up to him. I heard a snarl, a snap and when I got over to them Eli had a long cut on his face. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but that was the last straw. I can't have Indi around if there is any sign of aggression with Eli. It's a risk I'm not willing to take.

So it's come to this; we have to get rid of Indi, and we have to do it now. I can't have her in the house any longer. I've put ads up on KSL for about two weeks now but no real luck. I've called rescues and no kill shelters but all are at full capacity right now. If ANYONE out there knows of anyone who could use a good, behaviorally challenged dog, PLEASE let me know. She would make a great dog to someone without kids, who doesn't have other dogs around, and can give her lots of exercise. Indi would do best with someone with lots of land, lots of time, and a lot of patience. She really is a good dog.

Let me know please if you can help. Her fate at this point looks bleak and I have considered the possibility of having her put down. I refuse to take her to the pound or animal control where she would locked in a small kennel and eventually put down anyway.

Thanks all.

P.S. I'm past the point of taking suggestions for her behavior. We've really have tried everything. I just need to get her a new home FAST.


  1. Robyn: I sent your message to a couple of people I know (web friends), and got this response from one person that has a couple of BC's, and knows a lot about them:

    I just read her blog entry. There's really nothing she can do other than get
    rid of the BC. She's jealous of the baby and isn't getting enough exercise,
    which is a potentially deadly combination.

    I just called Barbara, who ran into this problem many, many times over the
    decade she volunteered for our local BC rescue group. She's going to read the
    blog post and post a comment with information about BC rescue organizations.

    But keep that BC away from the baby at all costs.

    I'll let you know about any responses.

    "Uncle Rick"


    Here's a link to the KSL ad we placed if anyone wants to see pics.