Friday, February 18, 2011

A Lot of Things

Well, that whole "one post a day thing" kinda fail-whaled. Things have been busy around here. A trip to Denver, a bunch of trips to Bountiful, and a whole lotta baby-ing have made for a very busy me.

Here are some shots of a few projects I've been working on.

These bow pillows have been a lot of fun. They're super easy and a great thing to do with extra fabric scraps.

I made this diaper bag today from a pattern I found here. It was pretty easy. If you're thinking about making it, I have some pointers because the directions are a little hard to figure out.

The pockets were fun to make...but challenging with Eli crawling on and off my lap.

Bread! These represent the most successful loaves a bread I've made to date. They were't great, but at least the dough rose and the bread didn't resemble a hockey puck.


  1. Rob i LOVE both the pillows and the diaper bag! I was just looking at those on etsy the other day and people were selling them for 75 bucks! So crafty!

  2. Wow those loaves look as good as the ones Mom use to bake! Are they?
    I'm sure they were excellent,nice job.