Monday, January 3, 2011

Healthy Food for Happy People

I like good food. I like eating good food and I love making it. I've never been a very fancy chef by any means. I have, however, always enjoyed cooking and have always had a knack for cooking healthy foods. This probably comes from my mother. Mama had a stroke when I was 8 and ever since then the meals in our house became very healthy, but were still always tasty.

Growing up with a mother who had extreme dietary restrictions taught me that you can cook healthy, yummy foods without sacrificing taste or your waist line. Here on Mumaday I've decided to steer things in a more culinary route. Most days, instead of random ramblings about my extremely exiting life I'm going to be posting recipes. I hope that is serves as sort of an answer to the question "what to make for dinner".

Again, I am not a culinary mastermind. I'm far from it truth be told. I have trashed more food than I've served. But I do love to cook, and I do cook healthy. My meals are simple, my recipes usually compromise of few ingredients and items that you probably have sitting on your shelve. Occasionally I branch out and make some exotic meal, but for the most part I cook simple, quick food that appeals to a range of pallets. If you have a recipe you'd like to share, send it my way.



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