Sunday, January 2, 2011

Waxing Personal

At the risk of turning this blog into something akin to a 14 year old's online journal, allow me to wax a little personal for a minute. I had an epiphany this morning, something that hit me in the head like one of Eli's carefully projected blocks. Let me share.

I am a person prone to moodiness. I can go from ok to on fire in about ten seconds. There are big factors relating to my drastic swings, mostly food related. As long as I have food in my system and a good night's sleep I'm usually pretty good. But get me hungry and tired...its bad all around.

On top of that I've been blacking out a lot lately, something about low blood pressure and heart irregularity stuff, at least that what my doctor brother said. I just get light headed and fall over. Nothing too worrisome, but a pain in the neck nonetheless.

So my epiphany? Here it is. Medically there are things I can do to help my crankiness and falling over. Eating, drinking plenty of water, standing up slowly, these things all help. But there is something else I believe is an extremely effective remedy. Taking three minutes, two minutes, even ten seconds to stop, relax and have a little moment of peace when the boiling point gets high helps more than almost anything else.

Its hard with an active baby to be able to stop and regroup, but it is possible. No matter what your spiritual or theological beliefs, I assure you that when problems get nasty, or your system just insists on having a melt down, taking two minutes to sit and relax helps truck loads. I don't mean I sit cross legged and say "OM" every time I get overwhelmed. I just mean taking a minute to sit undisturbed by electronic noise and other distractions, regroup, and start over.

Sounds simple...but I often struggle to grasp the most plainly laid out solutions.

Sorry for the ramblings...we will resume normal programing...NOW.

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