Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Social Notwork

I'm very proud of that title.

Anyway...since we moved a few months ago Dan and I have been trying to get to know people in our new neighborhood. Church is sort of a bad place to get a real vibe on what people are actually like. I've met some other moms at the park and gone to a couple of play-dates around the area but its also very hard to get to know someone when your child is either puking on their floor or pooping in their kiddie pool (true story...).

All the new social efforts have made me tired. It's also drawn attention once again to how hard it is to make good friends as a married couple. You not only have to find someone that is compatible with one member of the partnership but you have to find TWO compatible individuals...this is hard. 

I wish there was some sort of site, like they have for single peeps, but for marrieds. Somewhere I could go, fill out a dual profile, and have them hook Dan and I up with other married couples looking for a good time (ok...that sounded creepy...but not in my brain.). Like an eHarmony...but for people who are too lazy to get to know other married couples the old fashioned way. I would make sure this site had a place where you could check things like "sometimes makes off-colored remarks, needs to be paired with couple of similar humor", or "talks mostly in Arrested Development quotes...other couple needs to be down with that".

This system would make my life soooo much easier. Dan...can you design this with your webnut magic? Aaaaand GO!


  1. i totally understand. trying to find new friends is like dating all over again... its the worst. miss you guys! come visit soon!

  2. it's not just you and your husband, you have to find a good fit for your children, too. we have a couple in our ward that we've been checking out (hehe), but they only have one kid and she's 18 months old, which might make it awkward with my brood. no fun.