Thursday, July 19, 2012

Party On Wayne

So, for whatever reason, in the last few months I have been invited to soooo many parties. I know what you're thinking, "Popular Popular POPULAR!". No. Let me splain'.

I'm talking about 'lady parties'. You know..."come to my house for a totally non pressured sales pitch on something you NEED to have and then munch down some cookies and Shasta". THOSE types of parties.

Now, I don't mean to offend, and if you are part of a 'party business' then that's just fine. However, after working at NuSkin, the mother of all multilevel marketing groups, for an entire 6 weeks way back when Dan and I were first married (I did Spanish customer service support) I came to the absolute conclusion that I would not ever participate in "direct sales" types of marketing. I also decided that I would avoid going to 'parties' when at all possible because they just make me feel super matter how 'low pressured' or casual they are supposed to be.

With that rant over, there's a clip from my favorite TV show 30 Rock that always comes to mind whenever I hear about someone's awesome product they are selling...that I have to come to their house and sit in their living room to buy, that for some reason I can't just go buy at a normal store....

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