Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reason Number 98 Why I am a Bad Person

I am a person with many glaring character flaws. I could name them all...but...I don't want to. One of them, though, is my inability to Let Things Go. Not so much when it comes to things involving my relationships with other people, or important things, or things that matter. Mostly I can't let trivial and insignificant stuff go...like when people say idiotic things on the internet or when I find copy errors in the instruction manual of my new vacuum.

Today Sammy woke up at 5:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep. I tried everything and finally just resigned myself to an early rising. I, unfortunately, have a smart phone and popped open Facebook at this un-godly hour and started browsing. My early morning brain is two things, 1-very foggy and 2-very irritable (ask my poor poor husband..). This makes for some very dangerous social networking. My not letting of things go comes out in odd and embarrassing ways.

So...as I was perusing the Facebook...I came across a post on KSL Deals...with what I saw as a glaring gramatical error. Now, in my lucid awake state I would have just moved on by. In my sleep deprived morning self-righteous state...I could not let it go.

There is it, like a visual representation of my tired internet self and my more awake self. First the correction...and then the guilt and a sort of patronizing pat shoulder. Oh well...maybe I should enable some sort of feature that makes it so I can't comment on stuff until I'm able to answer a math problem or something..


  1. you should have to breathe into the USB port first.

  2. one more reason why i love you!

  3. and i agree, funnest is not, should not, ever, be used. period. : )