Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Round About Sort of Way

Tell me please that this happens to other people:

Eli's at preschool. I just laid Sammy down for a nap with the golden thought that I would have 45 minutes to sit on my couch and read my book. As I was walking out of Sammy's room, I caught sight of my laundry room; a disaster. "I'll just fold one load, and then go read."

Twenty minutes later I had sort of made a dent on 'Clean Clothes Mountain'. I thought "Ok, 20 minutes to read. That will be good enough". I headed down the stairs only to trip over a pile of toys I had stacked there the night before that needed to get put away. "I'd better just stash them quick or someone will fall and break their neck." So back up the stairs I went with an armful of toys to put away in Eli's room.

Bad idea.

Eli's room was a wreck. He has been waking up way early but in an attempt at being a good boy he's been playing around before he alerts us to his awakening. This morning he had decided to pull every single article of clothing out of his drawers and make a huge pile in the middle of his room to jump into.    While I appreciate the fact that he was diving into clothes at 6am and not screaming at us, I now have another 4 dozen articles of clothing to add to my piles in the laundry room.

Now its 11:30. I have to pick up Eli in 10 minutes. On The Road is still sitting neglected on my nightstand, my feet still are yelling for a break, and the there are still two hundred things that haven't been done around the house.

This is why I stay up until midnight...its the only time of day I feel is too impractical for housework. You can't clean a bathroom at midnight...never! But you can read in bed.

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