Saturday, March 2, 2013

Korean Spa Day

This last weekend I had the opportunity to visit my sister in Washington DC. My awesome husband took the kids for me and I had 2 days of mommy freedom. It was wonderful. Seriously one of the best things I've done in a long time. Don't get my wrong, I love my kids with all my heart and all that...but taking little breaks now and again is sure nice.

My sister Cristy and I sat down the night I got there and discussed what we should do on my only full day there. She mentioned there was a Korean bath house a few towns over that she'd been to and did I want to go? I'm not sure what else she proposed, because I stopped hearing things after "hot tubs, lounging, swimming, and more lounging".  Korean spa-ing was it.

She explained to me how the place worked; everyone paid in the same place but then they separated the men from the women. After you head to your appointed locker room you say "audios" to your clothes and head to the women's spa area. I'd never done anything in-the-nude, comunal-ly speaking, and was just a little trepidatious about bearing it all in front of a few dozen other women.

I brushed off my nerves and we headed out. Once you get there you undress and then do a really thorough scrubbing. Everyone sits on these little stools next to extendable shower heads and scrubs themselves forever. It was awesome. I had a loofa and some nice soap and spent about 30 minutes getting super clean. I hadn't done that in forever. On good days I'm lucky if everything can get wet before someone screams, bleeds, pukes, pees, or gets sat on.

After the scrub-down you head into the spa area. There are about 5 small hot tubs and then one big swimming pool-type dealy that is heated to the perfect temperature. Jets and little waterfalls work the sore muscles on your back and everything is quiet and I think it's what I picture heaven being like.

I was amazed at how non-weird it was to be in a room full of nude-women. After about 20 seconds, any nervousness I had experienced was gone. It was one of the most relaxing environments I've ever been in. I realized, lounging around in that paradisiacal room, that what made it non-weird was that everyone, essentially, looks the same under their clothes. Sure, some are a little lumpier than others, some had scars, there were even a few women who had had double masectomies, but we were all, in reality, equal.

There was something so mind-altering about not having clothing as a measure for first impressions. We chatted with a few other ladies and there was nothing to set them apart, in any way, from any one else in the room except what they had to say. I loved this. I think there is something intrinsically female about the way we approach new people. As much as I try not too, I do judge people based on their clothing. I think we all do it. Having everyone on a level playing field made social interactions so different...a different I really liked.

I think it would be interesting to have, say, a nude baby shower or some other all-female activity. Get everyone together but take away the fashion aspect of social encounters. To be honest, I think its easier to hide a few lumps and rolls when everything is un-restricted. Pants can give us muffin-tops, bras give us back rolls. No clothes means no bulges!

OK...I'll stop weirding you out. Honestly though...awesome experience. I think every woman should attend one (all female) nude event every year. Anyone know of any in Utah County?

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  1. I think we'll be fine as long as you don't start watching Ellen.