Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Thrifty Addiction

(For some reason this posted before I could write anything...sorry I screwed up your RSS feed Jimmy.)

I have a wee bit of a problem. Not a glamourous problem like drugs or "Spice" as the kids call it these days...but a thrifty problem. I can't stay out of DI or off KSL...I love buying stuff on classifieds and Craigslist...It's an odd sort of a treasure hunt or something like that. I'm not really a 'bargain hunter' or a couponer (at all) but before Dan and I buy anything new I always check second hand first (food excepted...).

Since we've bought a new house things have only gotten worse (or better??). Now I have an entire home to decorate and what's all the rage right now in decoration? THRIFTY VINTAGE CRAP! I'm in hog heaven.

I thought I'd share pics of a few of my most recent second hand finds. Before you call up Hoarders though and nominate me...just remember I only buy what I know I have a spot for...anything else goes back on KSL or gifted out to unsuspecting friends and neighbors.

 This chair isn't from a thrift folks gave it to me...but it's still old and awesome. I recovered the seat and stuck it in our bedroom. I'm playing around with it in a bunch of different locations in our house. 
 Favorite chair ever. I bought this off a friend who was selling it on a dangerous little Facebook group
 I'm a part of. 

 This little treasure made my heart so happy. I found it at DI for $7. It's a 1960s era Viewlex 35mm movie projector with the carrying case. So so cool. My dad told me he thinks he has some old 35mm reel of home movies from when he was a kid. As soon as I get the bulb fixed I want to have a movie night. 
 Ok this guy. I saw it at DI and thought it was a little end table. Looked cute and I needed one so I decided to buy it. When I was trying to open the drawer I noticed it didn't open out but rather the whole top opened up to reveal...??? A 1973 Kenmore electric sewing machine! I almost peed a little (ew). The machine works great and I am so exited to have this little piece of sewing history. And the best part? I paid $25 for it! 
 A reeeeaaaallly bad shot of the sewing machine folded away under the table...I was being lazy and didn't want to take all the pics off the top to open it up. 
I bought Eli a little chalk board at DI. This may be one of the few things I really don't have a place for but he's wanted one for so long and it was only $5 and and and....(so...maybe I do have a problem).

Lastly....this was not a thrift find but an incredible new addition to our little art collection. My brother Greg has established himself as an incredibly talented artist in recent years and I have about 4 of his paintings in our home. This morning I went and visited his studio and saw this little gem. It's an homage to Edward Hopper...who may just be my very favorite 20th century American artist...maybe. Greg saw me eying and said I could take it home. I am so excited for this. It really is an amazing piece of art. It looks so much like a Hopper but with just enough of Greg's style in it to make it unique and wonderful. 


  1. Do you think you could teach a class? I looked around on KSL for a good hour after falling in love with that green chair and I suck.

  2. There's no real secret...except I guess being OCD. If you want something you have to stalk KSL and DI for days if not weeks to find it. I mean like refresh every 30 minutes and go once a day sort of stalking...the sort of obsessiveness that makes husbands worry about their wives mental health and all that :)

    Also I do a lot of refinishing and if you find something that doesn't look how you want it but the shape is awesome its usually something that could be changed to look how you want it. Did that make sense? it was a long run-on sentence...