Monday, May 21, 2012

Hobby Horse

Before I had kids I would look at moms I knew and think "why do these women have such intense hobbies?". Scrapbooks, crafting, sewing, quilting, canning, furniture restoration, gardening, running, cooking, etc....these things all held some mild interest for me before I had kids but only as past-time snacks. I've always loved to cook, enjoyed sewing, and dabbled in craftiness, but never with much intensity or dedication. And then I had kids.

Now I find myself starving for a creative outlet. I've thought a lot about why it is I blog so much, why I spend so much time working on seemingly pointless crafts (see: fabric salad bowl covers, re-covered throw pillows, and so on) and I finally get it. I spend so much time everyday working on temporary projects. Eli needs his shoes put on...ten minutes later, ten tries later, and they stay on for ten seconds before he takes them off. Sammy needs a diaper change and then immediately poops in the clean one I've just put on his. I need hobbies because I need. something. to. stay. put.

There are other reasons I like to work on non-related kid projects. There's something satisfying in knowing I still have a me-ness. I still can do things I enjoy that are separate from kid work. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE being a mom and am SO very very grateful I get to stay home with my boys...but there are times I just need to do something non kid related.

The problem is...I kinda suck at most conventional hobbies. I'm a mediocre sewer..even though I enjoy it. I can cook...but not anything fancy-pants or cable TV worthy. I mostly just love love love to write but many of my personal writing projects have been sitting in dusty files for months if not years. I just don't seem to have to time to open up stories and writing projects and dig in anymore.

I asked Dan last night "am I really good at any one thing?". After some thought he said, "you make a really good crock-pot lasagna". I decided then and there to make this year the year I get good at something I can be proud of. I really do think I need to start writing again. It's been too long. I just don't have the skill and patience to get really good at conventional mom stuff. I do love home-making stuff....just don't really have to stick-to-it-ness of it all to be The Best at anything domestic. Every time I finish a project that made me happy I realize that my widow's mite of a craft holds no comparison to the golden-robed proverbial Pharisees of the Craft Masters (see...I'm being a pretentious writer already!).

This post seems a nut shell...moms (and I think anyone working a full time job really) need a creative outlet. Finding what that might be may take some trial and error. If starting a female fight club or learning how to knit with your toes is your thing....go forth! There's nothing more satisfying than doing something, even if its just once a day, that stays put.


  1. You've hit the nail square on the head. We do hobbies because the need for creativity is eternal and profound AND to prove to ourselves that we did get up that day

  2. Ps you have an amazing amount of talent and I think writing is your string point. I love your honesty and wit. You are my hero!