Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(Crawling) Out of the Woods

Well...since I have absolutely nothing else interesting going on in my life I thought I'd give a little update on this whole baby making mess I'm in. It does seem like things may be getting a little better...yay! I can't tell if I'm just living with it better or if I'm actually feeling better. I still have zero energy and get super sick at night but mornings and afternoons are getting better. At 11 weeks now, I'm hoping things clear up sooner than they did with Eli..which took until a good 16 weeks to get feeling %100.

I do, however, have another strange problem that maybe someone out there can help me with. When I was in labor with Eli I remember feeling the most intense brunt of the pain in my right hip. It was a searing deep pain that wouldn't go away during the contractions. Now pregnant again, I've started getting pain in the same joint. It's so bad that I wake up two or three times a night in intense pain that won't go away. I haven't taken anything for it, mostly because I'm pumping myself so full of Zofran right now I hesitate to add any more chemicals to the mix, but I really need to find a solution. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have to limp around for a few hours because of the pain. Could it just be the baby is getting bigger? I don't remember this little jewel with Eli at the beginning.

That is my whining for the day. Other than the constant reminders of baby, life is going very well for us. Eli is the funniest little thing. I can't get enough of him...unless I've had too much of him...in the which case Dan takes him for a walk.

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