Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Princess List

I just realized that I'm a bit spoiled. I have an amazing husband, a great kid, life is very good. Sitting here on the couch while Eli naps, sipping an ice water and reading an obligatory NY Times article on the budget crisis, it suddenly hit me just how lucky I really am. And with all the good fortune, I starting thinking about the things I have in my life that would be very hard to give up. I'm not talking about family or religion or anything that really matters. I mean the niceties I am blessed with that I don't think I would ever want to part with. Here's a list.

-indoor A/C.
-a fabulously jungle-like back yard
-2 cars
-3 bedrooms
-our king size bed (I would give up my washer and dryer before my bed)
-car A/C (of which one of our cars is lacking at the moment...making it so much more of a priority)
-a pool pass
-a Costco membership
-a wheat grinder
-2 bathrooms
-close proximity to an Ikea, a Costco, a Target, and a TJ Maxx

That's about it. These are all things I could live without if forced to do so...but I really like my upper lower middle class American lifestyle. If we ever have to pull a handcart back to Missouri I'm going to have to get a double that bed is going to be a beast to get through the mountains.

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  1. haha- upper lower middle class :) whenever I looked for an apt. or house in UT I was always shocked with all the places without A/C. Unlivable. I think for Brandon's 40 birthday I'm going to get him a California King bed. Maybe 50. After he gets me a trip to Europe